What We Do


Our nutrition educators teach free, interesting (and fun!) nutrition classes on topics such as healthy eating, basic cooking skills and grocery store savings. If you are an individual or an organization looking to take a class or organize a series of classes check out our offerings.

Food Demonstrations

It’s fun to taste a roasted beet and find its sweet flavor surprising or taste a delicious dish…made with black beans, which you were sure you disliked! That’s what food demonstrations are all about. Each demonstration is paired with a nutrition lesson by a nutrition educator.

Community Events

Nutrition is part of everyday life. Almost every gathering of people has food involved. We participate in many community events from health fairs to community celebrations. We are part of your community!

Grocery Store Tours

Have you ever wondered what unit prices are or wished you knew how to read a nutrition label? Join a nutrition educator for an interactive Cooking Matters at the Store tour to learn how to shop smarter, use nutrition information to make healthier choices, learn unit pricing and be able to prepare affordable meals.

Cooking Classes

Nutrition educators teach basic food preparation and cooking skills, with a focus on adding more fruits and vegetables to your diet. Along with cooking, participants learn meal planning, healthy food shopping on a budget, how to select healthy recipes and food safety.

Farmers' Markets with EBT

We work with area farmers markets with EBT to increase EBT redemption, especially of fruits and vegetables, and increase use of local produce at home.

Community & School Gardens

We also work with school and community groups to start and sustain garden projects with the goal of improving the food environment, increasing access to and consumption of fruits and vegetables and incorporating nutrition education and basic food preparation skills into schools and communities.

School Wellness

In 2016, we are working with school districts to organize and sponsor a CATCH School Implementation Training that invites administrators, teachers, and food service directors to use this effective program to positively impact student nutrition and physical activity behavior.