Garlic Scapes

Garlic scapes are a zesty addition to any recipe. You can find them in farmers markets near you during the summer season!

How to Select

Look for long, curved, or curly stalks that are firm, smooth, and a vibrant green. Scapes should be green, curly, and free of discoloration. Older scapes will straighten out as time passes and create a harder texture as well as a spicier flavor.

How to Store

Garlic scapes keep well in cold storage, though freshly cut scapes taste the best. Keep scapes in the refrigerator in a paper bag to avoid sliminess. They should keep for a month or more. Scapes freeze well--blanched or not--however they tend to lose some of their garlicky heat during long periods of storage, so get them while they are fresh at the market! Even if they lose some flavor, scapes from the freezer add great texture and color to dishes long after scape season has passed!

How to Prepare

Scapes can be enjoyed both raw and cooked. Sliced or chopped into a salad, their flavor is subtle and their crunchy texture holds up well with dressings. Added to sliced sweet peppers and mushrooms for a quick stir-fry, they can top any cooked whole grain for a satisfying meal. With the scapes trimmed and ready to go, just pull out your favorite recipes and treat them like garlic. Grind them into guacamole, stir them into soup or pound them into a pesto!