Delicata Squash

Delicata squash is a winter squash also referred to as the peanut squash and Bohemian squash. Delicata squash hold their shape well when cooked, making them a good choice for stuffing with whole grains, lean meats or cheeses, fruits and vegetables or baking with your favorite seasonings. 

How to Select

Select a squash that is firm, heavy for its size and has an even cream color. A ripe delicata squash will be yellow with green striations on its rind. Unripe delicata squashes are light green. Avoid squashes that have soft spots, dull and wrinkled skin or that are extremely light for their size.

How to Store

Short term: Keep in dry, dark place, in paper bag. Long term: Pack in paper bags. Keep in dry, cool place, such as areas of basement or pantry. Use within 2-6 months. Check regularly for mold. Freeze: Boil or bake until soft, pack in containers and freeze.

How to Prepare

Rinse in cold water. Cut and scoop out seeds. Squash is cooked when a fork easily pierces skin and meat. Steam, microwave, or boil until tender. Bake or roast whole or halves. Purée squash meat after cooking and use for pies, pancakes, cookies, breads and sweet soups. Stuff with fillings. Good with maple syrup, brown sugar, cinnamon, honey, nuts, and fruit.